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"Lisa could not have been more accommodating. She was super clear about what paces I needed to hit for my easy runs, workouts, and long runs. And she even got me consistently foam rolling and strength training, all while keeping my busy schedule and injury prone body in mind."

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Turn Your Setback Into A Comeback

Over the years I've dealt with countless injuries and setbacks. I've learned that it is possible to return to running stronger than before. From overuse injuries, to surgery, to returning to running postpartum, every situation is different and unique. Let me help you navigate your return to running process, with plenty of personalized support along the way.
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"I would strongly recommend having Lisa as a running coach. Previously I had run for about four years, but then was hit by injuries, repeated pulled/tight muscles, and pain which prevented me from even running a 5K for six years. I decided to try a coach as a last ditch effort before quitting running completely. I have been astonished at how well it has worked."

Hi there! I’m Lisa!


I'm a distance runner, running coach, and blogger. Join me as I share my workouts, running tips, and stories about trying to balance fitness and motherhood.

I've been running for 20 years and it has changed my life in many ways. Through my blog I love sharing my running experiences and the information I have learned throughout my journey. I hope you will stick around for a few miles, or more!

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