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  1. Catrina says

    Thank for this reminder, Lisa! I nearly forgot that Mother’s Day is fast approaching. These are great gift ideas.
    I think my mum would appreciate the massage gun. So would I, to be honest! 😉

  2. Wendy says

    These all look like great gift suggestions! I could have used that massage gun after last weekend’s trail race, lol. My quads are still mad at me.

  3. Kimberly Hatting says

    All great suggestions, Lisa 😉 I think I’m treating myself to some shoes…running and otherwise, since I already have some of the other items mentioned.

  4. Deborah Brooks says

    All great ideas! I just saw info on that run show in Chicago and wish I could go. The dates don’t match for me this time. I do love a good massage gun 🙂

  5. Jenny says

    I want all of these!!! However, I’m getting a new Garmin for Mother’s Day since my old one broke (sigh.) I might get the Vizy Vest for my husband for Father’s Day though- he runs in the dark more than I do.

  6. Catrina says

    My mum would want flowers or a day with the family – but I think I would also get her a smart scale and then use it myself, ha!
    We have a very basic one that only measures weight. It would be good to get some data on muscle mass as well.

  7. Darlene S Cardillo says

    All great ideas. I have a massage gun but none of the rest.

    Unfortunately we do not exchange gifts anymore for any holidays. we just buy what we need.

  8. Jenn says

    No, thank you on the scale! You can keep that to yourself, thank you very much!

    The vest is cute though. I debate about wanting one.